Apply to Get an Epic MegaGrant for Your UEFN Project Today

The Fortnite Team

Apply to Get an Epic MegaGrant for Your UEFN Project

Calling all Fortnite creators and developers! Epic MegaGrants is now accepting projects created in Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Earlier this year, we announced the expansion of the MegaGrants program at GDC to include projects created in Unreal Editor for Fortnite. For almost five years, the MegaGrants program has financially supported uniquely talented teams from across the globe in pursuing new ideas that push creative boundaries. We’re excited to extend this opportunity to the Fortnite Creator and Developer community!

We’re looking to support projects that test the limits of what is possible with UEFN and expand the types of content available to players in Fortnite. Whether you’d like to introduce a new game genre, experiment with new mechanics, or something else entirely, this opportunity is for you! 

Submit your project today for a chance to be selected! 


What should I submit with my applications?

The Epic MegaGrants application allows for any type of media upload, Google Drive links, or free form writing to be submitted. For UEFN projects, we recommend submitting a visual concept or project build as well as a detailed budget breakdown for your requested funding.

Are there any minimum requirements for UEFN projects?

Yes. To receive an Epic MegaGrant for a UEFN project, you must be 18 years or older, be eligible to publish your project, The project must be created using UEFN, and the project must ultimately be published in Fortnite.

Is there a deadline that I need to keep in mind?

No. We accept Epic MegaGrants applications on a rolling basis and distribute funds throughout the year.

What funding amounts can I expect if selected?

Our average Epic MegaGrants range from $5,000 to $250,000, with some extraordinary projects receiving up to $500,000! No matter what size grant you receive, you will continue to own your IP and will be free to publish it however you wish. 

Will my MegaGrants project still be eligible for engagement payouts?

Yes. You will still be eligible to receive engagement payouts for your projects that receive an Epic MegaGrant.

If I receive an Epic MegaGrant, when do I get the funds?

For Epic MegaGrants up to and including $25,000, you may receive the entire grant amount in a single payment within five weeks of formal acceptance.

For larger MegaGrants, funds will typically be paid out over several installments, depending on the size of the grant and complexity of your project. We’ll let you know about installment timing if your MegaGrant is approved, and will check in with you periodically throughout the life of your project. We’ll never tell you how to use money granted to you, but we do want to see continued planning, progress, and viability in your project prior to payout of an installment.

How much funding should I request and what can I do with it?

We recommend that you create a realistic budget for your project. We also recommend mentioning any additional funding you may have secured for your project. It is not guaranteed that you will receive the amount you request. 

We ask that the funds be used directly for project or team specific expenses, such as continued project development and hiring. Please include a high-level budget breakdown, including key buckets (for example, $5,000 for developer training). If your planned use of the funds changes over the course of your project, please let us know.

We want to focus on supporting the project directly, but will occasionally approve requests to apply the funding for hardware purchases or rentals if such hardware will contribute to the project in a meaningful way, on a case-by-case basis at Epic’s sole discretion. 

For more information on Epic MegaGrants please visit