Build Your Own Rocket Racing Islands with UEFN!

The Fortnite Team

Buckle up! Racetrack templates and devices for building Rocket Racing islands are now available for island creators.

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New Rocket Racing Templates for UEFN 

Can’t wait to start designing and publishing your own racing islands? We’re releasing two brand-new templates for Rocket Racing — the Competitive Race Track and Speed Run Track. This means for the first time ever, you’ll be able to make your own Rocket Racing islands and make them available through Discover to all Fortnite players.

In the Competitive Race Track Template, you can bring competitive multiplayer races to your Rocket Racing experience. When you use this template, multiple players can race against each other over multiple laps on the same track. 

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The Speed Run Track Template lets you create time trials where players can race for the best possible lap time on a single track with up to 12 other players.

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Both templates include the following devices to help you start building racetracks:
  • Rocket Racing Track device: features a Track Spline tool and a Track Style Editor tool to easily create and customize your own tracks.
  • Race Manager device: determines the game mode and global track variables for anyone playing your tracks, such as number of laps. 

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To learn more about Rocket Racing islands, how to make tracks, and get all the info on the Rocket Racing devices, check out Building Rocket Racing Islands in UEFN documentation! 

Rocket Racing Vehicle Spawner

Rev those engines! With the Rocket Racing Vehicle Spawner you can spawn Fortnite Cars with Rocket Racing abilities in your islands including Drift, Fly, Turbo, and Air Dodge. Now players can race without limits in and outside of Rocket Racing. The mechanic variables for each vehicle are editable and contain knobs specific to this spawner.  

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Additionally, all options set in a player’s Locker will automatically update to the player's chosen vehicle Body.

To learn more about the device, see the RR Vehicle Spawner Device document. Note that at this time, vehicles from this Spawner will clip through assets, such as buildings and props, when traveling at high speeds. 

This device is just the start. We have a range of features planned that will enable you to build robust racing experiences in Fortnite. Keep a lookout on the road ahead!

The racetrack templates, devices, and Rocket Racing Vehicle Spawner are all available now. Pull up to the starting line and build your first Rocket Racing island!