Common Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Your Fortnite Island for Epic's Picks

The Fortnite Team

Now that you’ve crafted a Fortnite experience to share, what steps can you take to make your island more likely to be noticed by Epic Games, and possibly even featured? This guide will help you avoid common mistakes so you can make sure your island is presented in the best light. 
  • What Went Wrong: Invalid Island Code 

    • How to Fix It:
      • When submitting your island code, make sure it is the one you want featured.
      • Triple-check that every digit in your island code is correct. 
  • What Went Wrong: Submitting Only a Video Trailer 

    • How to Fix It:
      • Submit one video of at least one round of gameplay. This is a must-have video for your application.
      • Submit an overview of your island. This could be a recording of you flying over your island in the editor. This is also a must-have video for your application. 
      • Trailers are important for promoting your experience. However, only having a trailer does not meet the requirements. Make sure to submit all that is requested to be considered for approval. 
  •  What Went Wrong: Private Video/Restricted Links 

    • How to Fix It:
      • When submitting a YouTube or Vimeo video link, make sure that it is either Public or Unlisted. Private videos can’t be viewed by us.
      • When submitting a OneDrive or Google Drive video link, ensure “General Access” under “Sharing” is set to “Anyone can view.” Restricting access means we can’t see your videos.
  • What Went Wrong: Deleted Video Links

    • How to Fix It:
      • Do NOT delete or restrict access to your videos before the callout period ends. Videos are watched multiple times at different stages of the review process. Deleting your video at any stage can cause your island to be rejected!
      • Until the row is live in Discover, keep your videos accessible.
  • What Went Wrong: Lack of Information

    • How to Fix It:
      • Let your island wow us! Show us your gameplay in action and points of interest on your island. Portray everything that makes us understand your gameplay, environment, and your vision.
      • Use available text boxes to help us better understand your island.
        • Describe what makes your island stand out from the rest.  What gameplay can we expect? This factors into our decision making!
        • What did you use for inspiration or as a reference, if anything, for your island? We need to know where you drew your inspiration from. 
  • What Went Wrong: Not Discover-Approved

    • How to Fix It:
      • Prior to submitting an application, please submit your island for publication.  
      • Your island must pass moderation in order to be featured.  Submitting denied islands to the callout will result in a rejection. Islands need to be reviewed by moderation to ensure they comply with our guidelines. Unpublished islands will not appear in Discover.
  • What Went Wrong: Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement

    • How to Fix It:
      • The content you create, publish, or use cannot infringe or violate someone else's rights, including their intellectual property rights (such as by infringing another’s copyright or trademark). You must own or have obtained the necessary rights to share and publish the content contained in your island. You can use Epic IP in your promotional material per our IP and DMCA guidelines.  
      • This includes promotional material (such as a thumbnail or trailer)