Create your own LEGO® Islands with Fortnite Creative and UEFN

The Fortnite Team

Inspired by the LEGO Group’s new LEGO Islands in Fortnite? Well, now Epic Games and the LEGO Group are bringing LEGO Elements including prefabs, devices, tools, and more to Fortnite creators! 

LEGO Elements and other LEGO brand assets are now available in Fortnite Creative and Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) so creators can build their own LEGO Islands.

All creators who are members of the Island Creator Program and sign the additional terms and conditions can build islands using LEGO Templates, props, consumables, items, and more. Additionally, players in your island will be in the LEGO Style of Fortnite Outfits–Minifigures everywhere!
  • Read on to learn more about building LEGO Islands, or jump straight into the Creator Portal and sign the terms and conditions to get started.

LEGO Island Templates

There are four island templates to help you get up and running — three featuring prebuilt biomes, and one blank canvas that lets you start from scratch. You can use these as a basis to build your own LEGO Island with Fortnite’s many creator tools.  
  • Home Builder: Build your dream home and neighborhood in this open environment using LEGO brand and Fortnite assets.
UEFN 29 01 LegoSlice UGC Blog InlineImages4 1920x1080
  • Obstacle Course: Run, leap, and climb across this LEGO obstacle course! Learn how to use different devices to create your own fun “obby” island.
UEFN 29 01 LegoSlice UGC Blog InlineImage2 1920x1080
  • Music Concert: Get the band together for this LEGO desert concert, using cute LEGO animals and Fortnite Patchwork to create awesome music!
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  • Starter Island: Let your imagination run free. Create something magical with Fortnite and LEGO brand assets.

LEGO Islands, LEGO Styles

When a player selects a LEGO Island in Discover, their Fortnite Outfit will automatically take on its Minifigure LEGO Style (if available). Any Outfits and Emotes that are compatible with LEGO Fortnite will be playable in a LEGO Island.

What’s Different When Getting Started with LEGO Islands? 

To create your own LEGO Islands, you’ll need to be a part of the Island Creator Program and sign the additional terms and conditions. This means you’ll agree to share 15% of the engagement payout earned by your LEGO Island with the LEGO Group. We’ll automatically deduct the 15% from your payout and you'll receive the remainder. 

You’ll also need to make sure your island adheres to the Brand and Creator rules for LEGO Islands and that your game meets the LEGO Island maximum age ratings. For example, your island must have an ESRB rating of E10+ or lower to be accessible to players in the United States, and a PEGI rating of 7 or lower to be accessible to players in most of Europe.

How to Start Building Your Own LEGO Islands

First, sign up to get started. After signing the additional terms and conditions, you can jump straight into a LEGO Template island. From the golden rift console in Fortnite Creative, click the LEGO Templates tab. From UEFN, select the LEGO tab in the Project Browser. 

Working on a LEGO Island has unique constraints around the LEGO® Minifigures and half-grid size. To learn all about working on LEGO Islands and the templates, check out the Building LEGO Islands Fortnite documentation and tutorials:
You can also check out this video covering how to work on LEGO Islands and the three LEGO templates.

Sign up on Creator portal to get started. We can’t wait to see all the games and other experiences you create using the LEGO Elements!