Creator Pages Now Available on

The Fortnite Team

Hey creators! 

We are happy to announce that creator pages are now live on!

On your profile page, you can update your bio, upload a header image, and add links to your social media profiles. You can also organize your island display order and pin islands of your choosing near the top of your page. Creator pages mean you’ll have a unique URL featuring your creator name. For example:

Can’t find this new feature? Try logging out and logging back in—it should now be available. Remember, you must enroll as a Fortnite Island Creator to gain access to the full suite of Creator Portal features, including Project Publishing, Engagement payouts, and more.

Fortnite Creator Profiles

Creator pages also mean your island webpages will feature not only the island code but also your creator name. For example:

Preparing Your Creator Pages on

Make sure your creator portal profile info contains the most up-to-date details, so everything looks right on your creator page. Please double-check that:
  • Your social profiles are correctly linked, with your username and spelled correctly.
  • You’ve chosen the correct social profile to link.
    • You may only link one profile per platform so teams and those who create collaboratively can easily know which profile to go to.
  • You have a concise and descriptive bio.
    • This bio is what will appear in web search results, so be sure you are presenting the most accurate and helpful information.
  • Your islands are ordered how you want them to appear to players so please consider and plan accordingly.
  • Any islands you do not want included on your Creator Page are marked as “Unlisted."

Please let us know if you run into any issues by posting it directly to the Epic Developer Community forums, using the form on the Issues and Bug Reporting forum.