Engagement Payout Formula Update - November 2023

The Fortnite Team

We are updating the engagement payout formula to more accurately attribute individual player spending to engagement in islands.

Effective November 1, we are introducing a new metric to the engagement payout formula that rewards creators when individual players spend V-Bucks in Fortnite the full week before or the full week after engaging with their island. This new metric will be in addition to time played and other metrics evaluating player popularity and player retention that we introduced with engagement payouts earlier this year.

Incorporating this element into the formula enables us to more accurately recognize a creator’s impact on the shared engagement payout pool and the overall growth of the Fortnite economy. This change will be reflected in the payment creators receive on December 30.

Overall, we find that players who are having fun in Fortnite are most likely to spend in Fortnite. So, for creators, making fun and engaging experiences is the most important driver of long-term creator success. 

To learn more about engagement payouts, please visit the Island Creator Program sign up page.