Fortnite Ecosystem Patch Notes - v25.00 Update

The Fortnite Team

With the Fortnite v25.00 update, we are combining highlights for Creative, UEFN, and Verse into one patch notes document. Patch notes will continue being published biweekly in Creator News on the Creator Portal. You can now find bug fixes for Creative, UEFN, and Verse in our documentation on the Epic Developer Community site. This will be our format for Fortnite Ecosystem creation tool updates moving forward, so let's dive in!

Direct Event Binding Reminder

In the v25.00 update, direct event binding is now turned on for all islands made using the Creative toolset. For more information, see Getting Started with Direct Event Binding in our official documentation.

Upgraded Devices Reminder

For some time now in Creative, you have been able to manually convert your islands to upgraded devices, by going to the Tools tab of My Island and clicking the Upgrade Devices button. Starting in a future update, new Creative islands will use upgraded devices by default. These devices are the same ones used by UEFN and provide improvements over the original devices, including:

  • Direct numerical input
  • Color pickers 
  • Additional features on some devices

We'd love to hear about any concerns or issues you've had with the upgraded devices, so we can make the conversion as smooth as possible.

Welcome Hub Change

To make sure creators have a smooth and consistent experience when entering Creative, the Welcome Hub is changing to a new Epic-created default hub starting today.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the amazing Hubs you've submitted over the years. We hope to see you use those amazing design skills in your creations in the months and years to come!

Grind Rails

Grind Rails from Battle Royale Chapter 4 can now be added to islands using the Creative toolset or UEFN. The spline defining the rail's path can be edited directly in UEFN, or it can be edited with the Phone tool in Creative.

Grind Rail devices in Creative are similar to AI Patrol Path devices in that they have two nodes (called Control Points for this device) when first placed, and require at least two. Use the Phone tool's Copy function to add a new Control Point to the rail, and the Cut function to move a Control Point. To safely remove one or more Control Points, use the Phone tool to select them first, then delete. 

Rotating a Control Point adjusts the direction of the grind rail as it goes through that point, which creates a curve. The Tangent Intensity option can be customized for each Control Point to adjust how rounded the curve is. You can also customize the color of each rail.

New Items in Creative Inventory and UEFN Content Browser

New Bouncer Added

New Weapons

  • Kinetic Boomerang
  • Flapjack Rifle
  • Thermal DMR

New Events for Prop-o-Matic Manager

Three new events have been added to the upgraded version of the Prop-o-Matic Manager:

  • On Begin Entering Disguise
  • On Finish Entering Disguise
  • On Exiting Disguise

Add Materials to Landscapes in UEFN

You can now create custom landscape materials and use these materials to improve the quality and shading of your environment. Learn more in Create a Custom Landscape in UEFN.

Create Custom Landscapes in UEFN

Guidelines for Architectural and Modeling Assets in UEFN

There are now clear guidelines available for creating architectural assets with specific count values, and for using models created with third-party software. 

You can review the guidelines at:


New Game Tutorial: Triad Infiltration 

We released a new game tutorial – Triad Infiltration – for showcasing what you can do with Verse! It's a multiplayer competitive game that uses Verse to asymmetrically balance the teams. The game has three teams — Infiltrators, Attackers, and Defenders.

  • The invisible Infiltrators are trying to steal an objective from the Defenders while avoiding Attackers.
  • The Attackers are trying to steal the Defender’s flag while preventing the Infiltrators from capturing their own objective.
  • The Defenders are trying to stop both teams, and win when time runs out before the Infiltrators or Attackers have reached a certain score.

You can customize the size of each team, and each team has different weapons.
By balancing these teams asymmetrically, you can precisely control their power level.

Triad Infiltration Game Tutorial in Verse

New Documentation for Creating In-Game User Interfaces

We reworked the existing Creating In-Game UI page to be a section at the top level of our official documentation, with multiple pages for each topic. This will help you find tutorials when you want to add in-game user interfaces to your island.

Writing Code in Verse Tutorial Update

A new Lesson is available in our series Learn the Basics of Writing Code in Verse! Lesson 9: Failure and Control Flow explains the unique concept of failure in Verse. Learn why failure is a necessary part of programming, and how Verse lets you write code that safely rolls back instead of crashing your program.

Build a Game Tutorials Update

We went through the UEFN tutorials under Build a Game and broke them out into separate documents for each step, and in the process also made sure they’re up-to-date. This breaks up these long tutorials and makes it easier to follow along with them. This includes the following game tutorials:

  • Box Fight
  • Capture the Flag
  • Car Racing
  • Parkour Elimination Race