Fortnite Ecosystem Patch Notes - v25.10 Update

The Fortnite Team

The Fortnite v25.10 update brings you new options for the Conditional Button, Item Granter, and many more devices. In addition, the Creative Inventory and UEFN Content Browser has received new weapons, consumables, and assets. Also, check out recently-released educational content to learn various gameplay examples and full island tutorials.

In-Game Creator Code Update

Great news! Coming this Wednesday, your Creator Code will be displayed on all of your Island Pages across Discover, and on your Creator Page. We've fixed the bug showing your Account Display Name. Players can now more easily find content associated with you and your Creator Code!

Device Updates

New Options for the Upgraded Conditional Button

The upgraded version of the Conditional Button device now has the "Requires Holding Item" option. This means the instigating player must be holding one of the items registered with the device in order to pass the condition. If no items registered with the conditional button can be held (for example, if they're all resources), the test will always fail.

New Option for the Item Granter

The Item Granter has a new “Grant on Game Start” option, which determines whether items are automatically granted when the game starts.

New Options for the Hop Flower Bouncer

Two new options have been added to the Hop Flower, located inside the Bouncer Gallery device. These options give creators greater control over how much momentum is maintained when a player or vehicle is bounced by the flower.

  • Maintained Momentum 
  • Maintained Vehicle Momentum


New Options for the Upgraded Guard Spawner

Several new options have been added to the upgraded version of the Guard Spawner device. These new options allow for a more controlled experience.

  • Show Spawn Radius
  • Use Device Spawn Rotation
  • Play Spawn Visual Effect
  • Use Alertness

There are also new functions and events for the Guard Spawner:

  • Force Attack Target
  • On Alerted
  • On Target Lost
  • On Suspicious
  • On Unaware
  • On Eliminating
  • On Damaged


Load and Unload Regions in UEFN using World Partition

In UEFN, using World Partition, you can now load only the regions you are working on to increase the viewport responsiveness and frame rate. This greatly enhances the performance of UEFN as you edit your project, especially when working on large projects with multiple collaborators.

New Option in the My Island > Settings Tab

In the My Island settings, the new “Edit Mode - Enable Vehicle Damage” option gives you the choice of whether or not vehicles cause damage while you are editing your island. This helps you avoid unintended changes caused by vehicle damage to structures or the environment while you are editing.

New Items for Creative and UEFN 

New Weapons

  • Cloak Gauntlets
  • MK-Alpha Assault Rifle

New Consumable

  • Boar Hair


UEFN Asset and Device Updates

  • AI Patrol Path Node Device: New events and device options exposed to Verse.
  • UEFN’s Audio Player has two new options to further customize gameplay:
    • Stereo Spread
    • Sync Player Audio

New Gameplay Example: Escape Room Key Mechanics

Interested in making an escape room? Our newest Gameplay Example, Escape Room Key Mechanics, shows you how to use triggers and a prop manipulator to spawn a key that can be used to escape the locked room. This mechanic is easily modified to use in a number of ways. Check it out now! 

New Island Templates

Verse Stronghold Template

The Verse Stronghold template helps you create a game mode that showcases AI, with the goal of having players eliminate all hostile enemies at a heavily guarded Stronghold.

Deserted: Domination Template

The Deserted: Domination template is a domination-style game where players battle to capture objectives in two teams.

New AI Features Added to the Verse API

We’ve added to the AI module in Verse, so you can now take control of a NPC and give them a navigation command, such as:

  • Looking at a certain location with the new `focus_interface`.
  • Moving to a certain area and staying within it with the new `fort_leashable` interface.
  • Navigating to a specific location or waiting on the current location with the `navigatable` interface.


New Verse API for Creative AI Devices

The following devices have new events and functions added to the Verse API:

Most of these interaction events already exist in Creative, but they only return one of the agents involved in the interaction. In Verse, you now have access to all agents involved in the interaction. For example, when a guard has detected a player, you know which guard and which player.