Fortnite Ecosystem v26.10 Update

The Fortnite Team

The v26.10 update brings the Zipline device, the Accolade device available in UEFN, the Sticky Grenade Launcher, the Mega City Prefabs and Galleries, and a new memory calculation method for islands converted to use upgraded devices. There are also device upgrades, new assets, and more!

Remember, you can now find bug fixes for Creative, UEFN, and Verse in our documentation on the Epic Developer Community site.

Upgraded Devices Reminder

Starting in update v26.20, all islands made with Fortnite Creative will transition to upgraded devices automatically, and all new islands will use upgraded devices by default. To make sure your islands still work properly with upgraded devices, you can convert your islands now so you have time to test them.

Note: Before you manually convert your islands, we recommend you duplicate the island and perform the conversion on the duplicate first. Once you convert an island to upgraded devices, you cannot revert it.

To manually convert your islands to upgraded devices, go to the Tools tab of My Island and click the Upgrade Devices button. These devices are the ones used by UEFN, and provide improvements over the original devices. Improvements include:

  • Direct numerical input
  • Color pickers
  • Additional features for some devices

We'd love to hear about any concerns or issues you've had with upgraded devices. Our goal is to make the conversion as smooth as possible.

ICYMI: Fortnite Creator Public Roadmap

You now can view our Fortnite Creator Public Roadmap to get an early look at some of the features and updates we have in store for UEFN, Creative, Discover, and more!

New: Zipline Device 

Zipline Device

Ziplines are now available in Creative! Zipline devices use control points similar to those used in the Grind Rails and Grind Vines devices. You can restrict use of ziplines by team or class, and customize the color and how they attach or detach.

Note: Players traveling on a zipline destroy player-built structures by design. Be careful when testing in Create mode, since this can cause destructive changes.

Player Marker Device Update

We have added the Beacon Style option to the Player Marker device. This option determines whether the beacon for the marker is shown, and whether it uses the team color of the player it's marking, or a custom color defined by the creator.

Prop-O-Matic Manager Update in UEFN

We added the Disallowed Prop List option to the Prop-O-Matic Manager device for editing in UEFN. With this, you can determine which props players can use to disguise themselves with the Prop-O-Matic, and which are disallowed. To disallow a type of prop, such as a cup or chair, add a reference to one instance of that type of prop. By adding a reference to one instance, all other instances of that type will be blocked.  

One way to manage this workflow is to create a gallery of disallowed props outside the playspace. That way, you can refer to props in that gallery instead of the props inside the playspace. This helps you avoid losing a reference and accidentally reallowing players to use that type of prop.

New: Accolade Device Usable in UEFN

The Accolade device is now available in UEFN! You can now set up your UEFN islands so players earn XP towards their Battle Royale Battle Pass when they complete achievements, just like with islands created with the Fortnite Creative toolset. Additionally, to further customize or refine XP granting, you can use Verse APIs to trigger the award.

If you have an existing published island, players on your island will continue to receive XP based on playtime until you have updated it to incorporate the Accolade device. To learn more about how to set up the device within UEFN, see Using Accolade Devices in UEFN.

Note: There is still a limit of 30 Accolade devices on a single island. We are aware of the desire to raise this limit; however, increasing the limit has impacts that we are still investigating.

New Weapons

The Sticky Grenade Launcher is now usable in Creative and UEFN.

New Prefabs and Galleries for Creative and UEFN 

Neon City Prefabs
  • Added 10 New Mega City Prefabs:
    • Mega City Building A
    • Mega City Building B
    • Mega City Tower A
    • Mega City Tower B
    • Mega City Tower C
    • Mega City Tower D
    • Mega City Tower E
    • Mega City Tower F
    • Mega City Tower G
    • Mega City Tower H
  • Added 10 New Mega City Galleries:
    • Mega City Floor & Stair Gallery A
    • Mega City Wall & Roof Gallery A
    • Mega City Prop Gallery A
    • Mega City Sign Gallery
  • Dino Egg and Hatched Dino Egg have been added to the Jungle Prop Gallery. These are just props and are not interactable like they are in Battle Royale.
  • The new Birthday Cake prop has been added to the Indoor Residential Prop Gallery.

New Consumable Item

The Shield Breaker EMP consumable can now be used in Creative and UEFN.

Use Fortnite Gallery Assets with Foliage Mode in UEFN 

In UEFN, you can now access and use Fortnite Gallery assets with Foliage Mode.

Use Data Layers with the Cinematic Sequencer 

You can now use and trigger Data Layers using the Cinematic Sequence device. For more information, see Streaming and HLODs in our official documentation.

Exposing Materials to Verse

Along with meshes and textures, you can now use materials in your Verse code! Learn how to create a shiny material and then use it in Verse to give your custom props a whole new look.