Fortnite Ecosystem v27.10 Update

The Fortnite Team

The v27.10 update brings the Yacht Heist and Verse Triad Infiltration templates, new weapons and consumables, updates to Matchmaking Portal and other devices, an option for automatic translation for your islands in Discover, and more!

Bug fixes for Creative, UEFN, and Verse can be found in our documentation on the Epic Developer Community site.

Reminder: IARC Ratings Required for Your Islands

Fortnite islands that do not have an IARC rating are being delisted as of November 16.
You can still receive ratings for your islands in order to get them republished. Complete the IARC content rating questionnaire in the Creator Portal now. Please check our IARC questionnaire blog post for more details. 

You can also take a look at our IARC overview and FAQs on the Epic Developer Community for useful information on how to answer particular questions in the questionnaire.

New Yacht Heist Template Island Featuring Patchwork!

The Yacht Heist Template Island is a template island in the Creative toolset that shows you how to create a single-player stealth island, and showcases how to use Patchwork devices to create an adaptive soundtrack as the game progresses.

The template teaches vertical (layered) and horizontal (track-based) game composition, which are core concepts in creating game soundtracks.

The Patchwork x Yacht Heist Tutorial is a companion tutorial to the Yacht Heist Template Island. It gives you a more detailed look at how to build the heist, and how to set up the Patchwork devices.

New Triad Infiltration Template Island!

The Triad Infiltration Template Island is a UEFN template that shows you how to create an asymmetric multiplayer game where three different teams battle for control of objectives.

The template teaches how to balance teams asymmetrically using Verse to create engaging team dynamics and frantic gameplay.

The Triad Infiltration Tutorial is a companion tutorial to the Triad Infiltration Template Island. This tutorial has been updated for the template release and shows how to build the level and write Verse code to create your own asymmetric team games.

You Want It, We've Got It!

In social media, surveys, and other forms of feedback, you've asked us for specific weapons and other items. We're listening! Here are a few you've been asking for. We'll keep working on bringing you the things you want to make better experiences for your players.

New Weapons

  • Enhanced Drum Shotgun
  • Wildwasp Jar
  • Dual Suppressed Pistols
  • Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG

New Consumables

  • Icy Grappler

Updates to the Matchmaking Portal Device

The Matchmaking Portal device has been reworked so that players have the same options that they have available in the frontend when matchmaking. Instead of two interactive prompts on the device, there is now just one that opens the Island Details screen. The party leader will be able to initiate matchmaking, and party members will be able to ready up. Parents can also use the Island Details screen to unlock individual islands. 

New Options for Weapon Spawning

Initial Weapon Ammo

An Initial Weapon Ammo option has been added to the following devices:
  • Capture Item Spawner
  • Class Designer
  • Elimination Manager
  • Item Granter 
  • Item Spawner 
  • Team Settings & Inventory
  • Vending Machine
The Initial Weapon Ammo option allows you to set how much ammunition that a weapon will spawn with, and you can even set it to 0 (zero) so the weapon spawns without any ammo at all.

Known Issue: Spawning a weapon that does not use standard ammo types (Grappler / Harpoon Gun / Plasma Cannon / etc.) with ammo set to 0 (zero) will cause it to be non-functional.


New Option for Automatic Translation in Discover

As we continue our efforts to make Discover more globally accessible, we’re providing the option to automatically translate the titles, descriptions, and taglines for your islands across nine languages. 

You can now opt in or out of metadata translation when publishing your island in the Creator Portal. Your titles, descriptions, and taglines will each have their own options you can choose to select or not.

New and Returning Users Analytics

We have made some changes to the Creator Analytics Insights Tab in Creator Portal.

Creators will now be able to see the number of new and returning players their islands have brought into the Fortnite ecosystem using this tab in the Creator Portal. These insights will help creators track the performance of off-platform efforts to grow their island’s playerbase.

New Restrictions on Using Certain Textures in UEFN

Unoptimized textures can cause instability and poor performance on your islands. To help prevent this, we are introducing new editor restrictions on textures in UEFN islands.

The new editor restriction will ensure that all textures outside the “UI” group have a size that is a "power of two" for the texture's height and width. For example, 256x256 or 512x512 pixels.

Note: You will not be able to republish your island until any restricted assets have been updated. 

Please see this EDC forum thread for more information on how to identify and fix any restricted assets in your project.

New Navigation Mesh Documentation

Want to learn how NPCs perceive and navigate the world around them? Check out the Navigation Mesh page! The navigation mesh provides debug info about where and what NPCs can navigate to, and can be used to create AI patrol routes, pathfinding puzzles, tower defense waves, and much more!

New Tutorial: Verse Prop Hunt Template Tutorial 

Want to enhance your existing prop hunt island with Verse? Check out the Verse Prop Hunt Template Tutorial that accompanies the Verse Prop Hunt Project Template. In this tutorial, learn core Verse concepts, like loops and classes, to enhance your gameplay. For example:
  • Managing players that join or leave the game.
  • Defining the number of hunters per total player count.
  • Keeping a running tally of props and ending the round when all props are destroyed.
  • Iterating information for all players in a game.
  • Increasing the hunter’s score with each elimination relative to the number of props remaining.
  • Reading via a script instead of configuring events and channels in devices.
  • Needing to use fewer devices.
  • Reviewing the @editable properties and tweaking the script's behavior without needing to understand Verse.

New Camera Rig Rail and Rig Crane Documentation

Create professional and dramatic cutscenes using the Rig Rail and Rig Crane actors in UEFN. These actors capture action or flyovers using smooth motion. Our documentation shows you how to set up the rails and move the crane arm and even use them together!

Decal Device Documentation

Use the Decal device in UEFN to add graffiti, secret symbols, and more to assets in your island. You can create and use your own custom textures and materials too!

Updated Verse Device Documentation

Check out the updated Verse device documentation for editable properties and working with events and functions on Creative devices:

Updated Documentation for Switch Devices in Verse

Check out our updated Switch device documentation for an example of getting started with the Switch device in Verse!