Fortnite Ecosystem v28.10

The Fortnite Team


The v28.10 update brings the new NPC Spawner device and updates to the Character, Guard Spawner, Dance Mannequin, and Third Person Controls devices. Also, we've completely overhauled the Creative Inventory and My Island Settings user interface (UI) so that it's easier to find and use the content and settings you need. 

Additionally, we've added more gameplay items you've asked for, and there are also new features for Unreal Revision Control, and new tutorials in our documentation.

Bug fixes for Creative, UEFN, and Verse can be found in our documentation on the Epic Developer Community site.

New NPC Spawner Device in UEFN (Early Access)

With the NPC Spawner device, you can create distinct creatures, enemies, and more and give them engaging roles that bring your gameplay to life. These non-player characters (NPCs) can have Health and defined patrol paths, and they can even aid players in solving puzzles. 

By creating a Character Definition (a new type of Asset you create in UEFN), you can customize the character and creature type, their behavior AI, and other Health and interaction modifiers. You can also use Verse to create custom AI behavior, such as how a guard patrols and reacts to spotting the player. Lastly, you can apply custom animations and mesh retargeting to your custom NPCs using Control Rig. 

To learn more, check out the following documentation and tutorials:
The NPC Spawner device is in Early Access. Early Access means we’re giving you an opportunity to try out a feature that’s still under development. By releasing a device as Early Access, our aim is to put exciting new features into your hands as soon as the device’s core functionality can be used effectively. We’ll take any feedback you provide to improve the device for final release. Please note that because the new NPC Spawner device in this release is still in Early Access, it comes with a few limitations. These limitations are listed in the 28.10 Release Notes.  

Since Early Access features are subject to change, you may have to adjust a device’s implementation in your island as we work towards the final version being released. Early Access features will see incremental updates as we fix bugs and address feedback.  

Also, be sure to do thorough testing before publishing islands containing Early Access devices, as we can’t guarantee that all systems — for example, some weapons or other devices — will be fully compatible with them all.

Updated Guard Spawner, Dance Mannequin, and Character Devices

The Guard Spawner, Dance Mannequin, and Character devices have been updated with 100+ Fortnite Characters new to these devices.

Island Settings and Creative Content Browser Refresh

The Island Settings menu and Creative Content Browser have a whole new look! Here are some of the updates and changes we've made:
  • Unified the UI look and feel across all Fortnite experiences.
  • Consolidated all Edit Mode Creative Inventory and Island Settings menus into one set of tabbed menus in the area previously used for the Map and Scoreboard. 
    • This new UI accommodates multiple screens.
    • This makes it easier for creators when making custom inventory screens.
    • This menu area was already being used for menus added by devices or options, so it was a good fit for consolidating multiple menus.
  • Island Settings Tab (formerly My Island):
    • We've added subcategories to improve discoverability.
    • Island settings have been recategorized for more logical groupings.
    • You can now use the Search bar to search across all Island settings.
    • We've added a new Community category. The Community category provides you with ways to connect with other members of the Fortnite Creative community, and access information that makes it easier to design and build your own island in Fortnite.
  • Content Tab (formerly the Creative inventory):
    • All content is now here: Prefabs, Galleries, Devices, and so on. 
    • Instead of content types divided by tabs, they now use Category and Subcategory tags.
    • You can filter by Category tags.
  • Quick Menu (formerly the Options panel):
    • Uses the new UI style.
    • The Quick Menu is grouped with the other tabbed menus, instead of being its own pop-up panel.
  • Creative hotkeys have been updated so that they open the player inventory, Island Settings menu, or Content tab based on what you’re doing when you press the hotkey. Whether or not your Phone tool is equipped determines which menu will open. (This state is reflected in the list of hotkeys displayed on the HUD.)

Updates to Third Person Controls Device

  • The Movement Speed, Shooting Movement Speed, and Aiming Speed options now use a multiplier instead of a flat value. Values for existing Third Person Controls devices will migrate from flat value to the multiplier automatically, so you shouldn’t need to update the devices on your islands.
  • The option names have changed to Movement Speed Multiplier, Shooting Movement Speed Multiplier, and Aiming Movement Speed Multiplier.
  • The default value for these options is now the multiplier 1x (it was previously a flat value).

You Want It, We've Got It!

In social media, surveys, and other forms of feedback, you've asked us for specific weapons and other items. We're listening! Here are a few you've been asking for: 


  • Crossbow
  • Epic & Legendary Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Epic & Legendary Drum Shotgun
  • Rare Suppressed Sniper Rifle


  • Mythic Goldfish
  • Fire Trap
There's also a weapon new to Creative and UEFN in v28.10: the Grapple Blade!

We'll keep working on bringing you the things you want so you can make even better experiences for your players.

New Island Setting: Island Matchmaking Privacy

Island Matchmaking Privacy is a new Island Setting that allows creators to control the options available to parties matchmaking for their island. There are three options available:
  • Party Choice: This is the default option, with no change for players. Players can choose between public and private matchmaking just like before. New islands will default to this setting.
  • Private Only: Parties can only use private matchmaking for the island.
  • Public Only: Parties can only use public matchmaking for the island.

Snapshot History Panel for Unreal Revision Control (URC)

A new Snapshot History panel has been added for URC-enabled projects, so you can browse a project’s change history. You can open the Snapshot History panel using the Revision Control menu on the bottom right. This panel displays each snapshot, complete with the snapshot message and other metadata, from most recent to least recent. 

You can expand a given snapshot and open a list of asset-level changes that were made in that snapshot. You can also use the Rewind button that appears next to each snapshot to sync the local project back to that snapshot's state. In an upcoming release, you will be able to restore an older snapshot as the latest version of the project. To learn more about snapshots, see Snapshot History and Conflict Resolution

Integrated Conflict Resolution with Unreal Revision Control

If conflicts are encountered when collaborating with Unreal Revision Control, you will now be redirected to a new Conflict Resolution panel. This lists all conflicting assets and provides thumbnails, metadata, and a way to view each version in the viewport. For each conflict, the user can select which version they prefer to keep, and then submit their selections as a new snapshot. See Snapshot History and Conflict Resolution to learn more.

DBNO and Reboot Van Decay Rate

New options have been added to the Down But Not Out and Reboot Van devices. 
  • Down But Not Out (DBNO) device:
    • Revive Progress Decay (Option values: Custom Decay, Battle Royale, Instant Reset)
      See what the Custom Decay, Battle Royale, and Instant Reset option values mean below.
    • Decay Rate Multiplier (Choose a multiplier between 0.1x and 2.0x)
  • Reboot Van device:
    • Reboot Progress Decay (Option values: Custom Decay, Battle Royale, Instant Reset)
      See what the Custom Decay, Battle Royale, and Instant Reset option values mean below.
    • Decay Rate Multiplier (Choose a multiplier between 0.1x and 2.0x)
Definitions for new option values:
  • Custom Decay: Creators can set their own custom decay rate based on a Creative constant.
  • Battle Royale: The decay rate will match Fortnite Battle Royale’s current decay rate, and will change over time if it is updated in Battle Royale.
  • Instant Reset: If players are interrupted while rebooting or reviving, their progress will instantly reset. (This was the behavior in Fortnite Battle Royale prior to Chapter 5.)    

Converting Meshes to Damageable Props in UEFN

Using the new Scripted Asset Actions feature in UEFN, you can now convert meshes into props and add destruction. While this was technically possible before, the new process is much more streamlined and easier to use. To learn more, see Converting Assets into Props

Verse Language Updates

v28.10 introduces two warnings that highlight specific failable expressions whose behavior will be changing in a future version of the Verse language. This code will continue to work as-is for the current version of Verse, but upgrading your project to target a future version of Verse may change its behavior.

`set` assignment from a failable expression

Verse code that currently looks like:
set Variable = ExpressionThatMightFail[]

Should be changed to:
Value := ExpressionThatMightFail[]
set Variable = Value


`map` literals using failable expressions as keys

Verse code that currently looks like:
Map := map{ExpressionThatMightFail[] => Value}

Should be changed to:
Key := ExpressionThatMightFail[]
Map := map{Key => Value}

Documentation and Learning Updates 

In addition to the documentation linked above, here’s more that the documentation team created for this release: 
  • In support of the Island Settings update, we overhauled and updated the Island Settings section to match! This includes NEW documentation for: Overview and Tool Settings, Mode Settings, Round Settings, Player Settings, World Settings, User Interface Settings, Edit Mode Settings, Debug Settings, Permission Settings, Media, Community, and Event Browser. 
  • We’ve updated our approach to device documentation to streamline the information on the device pages. We moved information applicable to all devices to the Using Devices in Fortnite Creative page. 
  • We added a brand NEW section to the UEFN documentation, called AI and NPCs in UEFN. This section is all about AI, custom behavior, and also includes all the documentation in support of the NPC Spawner device!
  • The Creating Custom UI Widgets from Materials documentation shows you how to create custom UI shapes from material instances in UEFN.