IARC Questionnaire Available Now!

The Fortnite Team

The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) content rating Questionnaire is now available in the Creator Portal. 

We strongly encourage you to complete the questionnaire for all of your published islands as soon as possible to ensure access to your islands is uninterrupted when age and content ratings launch in Fortnite on November 14.

Can’t find this new feature? Try logging out and logging back in—it should now be available.

Getting Age Ratings from IARC

As a creator, when you are ready to publish your island to Fortnite, you will need to complete the IARC content-rating questionnaire before submitting your island to moderation. 

IARC 1 Form Start

Responding to the IARC Questionnaire

The IARC questionnaire includes questions regarding factors that each participating rating authority considers most pertinent when assigning ratings. It is important that your responses be complete and accurate, taking into account all content in the island submitted for rating. This includes but is not limited to visual content, dialog, references to rating-relevant themes, and music (including lyrics).

When the questionnaire is complete, you will automatically receive an age-based IARC rating for the content of your island, along with region-specific ratings from IARC-participating rating authorities.

IARC 2 Rating Received

Once your island is approved by moderation, your rating will automatically be applied when age and content ratings launch on November 14. Remember, all unrated islands will be delisted on November 14, so please don’t delay!

For more on the rating process, be sure to check out our updated Publishing Documentation, the IARC and Ratings FAQ and this detailed guide on Applying IARC Ratings to Islands.