In-Game Creator Pages Coming Back to Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Heads-up that we’ve turned in-game Creator Pages back on! Creator Pages allow you to showcase your amazing creations and engage with your audience.

As a reminder of how they work, on each of your island pages in-game, a button will be labeled “More from this creator.” Clicking this will take players to your Creator Page. Here, players can see all of your listed islands and choose other islands to join. For now, islands will be listed in default order, starting from the most recently updated.

Please be sure to unlist any published islands that you don’t want to appear on your page.

In the Creator Portal, head to the island you want to unlist. Below your island’s name, you will see a toggle button for Listed/Unlisted. After toggling to “Unlisted,” your island will not appear in Discover or on your Creator Page. You must do this for each of the published islands you want unlisted, as “Listed” is the default setting. Unpublished islands will not show up on your Creator Page. Note: Some older unpublished islands might not appear on your Creator Page. If you would like them to appear on your Creator Page, you should create a new private version from Fortnite Creative, publish it from Creator Portal again, and set the island to be listed during the publishing flow.

Fortnite In Game Creator Pages
This version of Creator Pages is part of our effort to get full creator profile pages live in-game and on Keep a lookout for more information!