New camera types, gameplay controls, and map options

The Fortnite Team

Ever wanted to use a different camera type to the default Fortnite third-person view? Now you can!

Version 28.00 brings a new camera system that can be customized to create the gameplay, narrative, or aesthetic you want to achieve.

With Early Access to devices for Fixed-point and Fixed-angle Cameras, alongside a Third-person Controls device, you now have the opportunity to design top-down gameplay, sidescrollers, and more. 

Early Access means we’re giving you an opportunity to try out a feature that’s still under development. By releasing a device as Early Access, our aim is to put exciting new features into your hands as soon as the device’s core functionality can be used effectively. We’ll take any feedback you provide to improve the device for final release. 

In addition to the Early Access camera and control devices, Version 28.00 also features a new Map Controller device that gives you the power to modify the behavior and look of your map and minimaps. You can use this device to cycle between different maps as players move into different areas of your island or as the game evolves.  

See the new devices in action

We’ve released a new sample island to demonstrate the creative possibilities provided by these camera types, gameplay controls, and the Map Controller device. 

Fortnite Camera Devices Village Template

Village (island code: 8374-6783-8370) showcases the Early Access release of the camera types and gameplay controls, and the full release of the Map Controller device.

This playable demo is an example of a simulation game that will constantly evolve to include other gameplay features of the genre. 

In this initial release, you spawn into a homestead from where you can set off to explore a world featuring a village, a wooded area, and rivers. When you move through these different areas, you automatically switch between camera types depending on your location or interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs).

You’ll also see the new Map Controller device in action with a custom map and minimap that match the Village art style. The minimap changes to an interior map when you move inside a building, demonstrating the ability to alternate between multiple maps. 

As we add new UEFN and Fortnite Creative capabilities going forward, you’ll be able to try some of them out in this playable demo—so stay tuned for more.

New camera and control devices

Let’s take a look at the new camera devices in this release and find out what you can do with them. 

Fortnite Camera Devices

Fixed-point Camera (Early Access)

With this device, the camera is placed on a spot and doesn't move but can pivot towards a “look-at” point. In the Village sample island, this is the camera used when a player is inside a building or in conversation with an NPC.

Fixed-angle Camera (Early Access)

This device provides a fixed angle, whereby the camera moves to follow and frame a look-at point, but doesn’t rotate. In Village, this camera type is used when players are exploring the town or adventuring in the wood, and to achieve the sidescroller view when they are crossing the bridge. 

Village Sidescroll BlogThumb 1024x576

Third-person Controls (Early Access)

The Third-person Controls device provides a way to manipulate the player’s movement with the new camera system. In the standard Fortnite third-person view, player movement is tied to the direction the camera is facing. This new device enables you to unbind the player movement from the camera and adjust how players move independently. For example, you can allow the player to move and target enemies in any direction, detached from the way the camera is facing. 

Please note, because the new camera and control devices in this release are still in Early Access, they come with a few limitations that you can find out more in the 28.00 Release Notes

Since Early Access features are subject to change, you may have to adjust a device’s implementation in your island as we work towards the final version being released. Note that Early Access features see incremental updates as we fix bugs and address feedback.  

Be sure to complete thorough testing when publishing islands containing Early Access devices, as we can’t guarantee that all systems—for example, some weapons or other devices—will be fully compatible with them all. 

That’s all for now. You can also check out the Designing with Cameras and Controls documentation for more information. We’ll give you a heads up as we add new features and devices to the Village sample island in the future!