Spotlight: Fab Content Added to UEFN in August 2023

The Fortnite Team


The Fab library offers tons of ready-to-use assets and it’s available right inside Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN)! All Fab assets available within UEFN are:
  • Collision-ready
  • Optimized for Fortnite vertex, materials, and texture budget
  • Scaled to Fortnite units

In August 2023, hundreds of new assets were added to the Fab library. We’ve selected just some of our favorites to share with you in this monthly roundup.

Uefn Davis3d Alien Biomass Infection Planet And Scifi Corridor

Davis3D: Alien Biomass Infection Planet and Scifi Corridor (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 35 assets, including alien eggs, blobs, and tendrils, plus sci-fi corridor wall and floor meshes.

Uefn Bitgem Crypt Dungeon Set Pbr Series

Bitgem: Crypt Dungeon Set - PBR Series (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 54 assets to create a stylized crypt or dungeon.

Uefn Animus Game Studio Modular Train Car

Animus Game Studio: Modular Train Car (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 97 assets that allow you to mix and match parts to create your own unique train cars.

Uefn Sidearm Studios Underwater World

Sidearm Studios: Underwater World (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 74 modular assets for creating an underwater environment.

Uefn Denys Rutkovskyi Orbital Space Station Kit

Denys Rutkovskyi: Orbital Space Station Kit (Available for Purchase)

This kitbash set is made of 162 assets designed in a realistic/sci-fi style, allowing you to create your own custom-themed space station.

Uefn Art Bully Productions Post Apocalyptic Scrapyard Pack

Art Bully Productions: Post-Apocalyptic Scrapyard Pack (Free for a Limited Time)

This pack of 206 post-apocalyptic-style assets comes complete with props, buildings, and modular elements. This pack is free for a limited time.

Uefn Icosphere Tasty Food Pack

Icosphere: Tasty Food Pack (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 228 assets, including cheeseburgers, ice cream, pizza, donuts, hot dogs, soda, food containers, and more.

Uefn Freshcan Medieval Street Pack

FreshCan: Medieval Street Pack (Available for Purchase)

This pack contains 119 assets that you can use to create your own custom medieval town.
If you want to get started creating your own unique game experiences in UEFN, check out our comprehensive guides over at the Epic Developer Community.