UEFN Islands Now Grant XP

The Fortnite Team

Hey creators!

We’re happy to announce that players can now earn XP from playing UEFN-built islands.

For now, XP from playing UEFN islands will be earned by players on a per-minute basis, and will not be tied to the Accolade device. Our goal is for players to be able to earn XP at a similar average rate whether they are playing Fortnite Creative islands, UEFN islands or Battle Royale/Zero Build. We’ll continue to monitor XP gains and make adjustments as needed.

The XP earned from playing UEFN islands will be rewarded to players in an hourly grant to their account, meaning they may not see the XP right away but rather later in their play session (or their next play session). 

The Accolade device in Fortnite Creative islands is not changing in function and is still coming to UEFN in the future as the mechanism for creators to distribute XP to their players.