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Island Creator Program

Publish Fortnite islands and get a chance to receive payouts.

How it works

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    Sign in with your Epic account, tell us about yourself, and accept the terms.

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    Create and Publish

    Once you're accepted, share your Links and Tags to grow your supporters.

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    Engagement Payout

    You'll be eligible to receive payouts based on their engagement.

Sign up to use LEGO® templates

When registering to the Island Creator Program, you have the option of also signing up to use exclusive content, such as LEGO Templates.

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    Agree to the program terms

    Enroll to the Island Creator Program and agree to the terms surrounding the usage of these templates, such as payout licensing share.

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    Unlock exclusive branded assets

    Select branded templates in Fortnite Creative or UEFN, and get access to a library of unique assets and tools.

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    Create & Publish

    When you’re ready to publish your creation, head to “Projects” and follow the on-screen instructions regarding the brand rules.



What is the Island Creator program?
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The Island Creator program is specifically for creators and developers who make islands in Fortnite and enables participants to publish islands and receive engagement payouts.

The Support-A-Creator program is returning to its roots as an affiliate marketing program for streamers and social media content creators. The SAC affiliate program is still available to those who meet its requirements. We've removed the Support-A-Creator device from Fortnite Creative and all published islands as part of this change.

Engagement payouts are specifically designed to reward island creators who make great content using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite and Fortnite Creative tools. Unlike SAC, engagement payouts do not require code entries to reward creator success, and players support island creators simply by playing the experiences they already enjoy.

We've removed all Support-A-Creator devices automatically. You don't have to take action to remove it, but should consider adjusting your islands accordingly.

The pre-match UI that allows players to quickly lock in a creator code has also been removed, with no action required from creators.

Creators are no longer allowed to promote SAC creator codes within their islands, so that island creators and social media creators each have an independent channel to profit from engagement and are incentivized to work together, rather than competing to convince players to enter their codes. Any new or updated islands will be required to remove mention of SAC creator codes starting March 22, 2023.

With the removal of the Support-A-Creator device from islands, creators should reconsider player experiences that may no longer be necessary, such as reducing or removing matchmaking lobbies and/or sending players into the islands directly.

All real money Fortnite purchases like V-Bucks Packs, retail V-Bucks gift cards, real money transactions like Starter Packs or Quest Packs, Fortnite Crew subscriptions, or other real-money offers contribute to Fortnite gross revenue.

When Fortnite offers are sold by third-parties, Fortnite net revenue is the funds received by Epic after third-party platform payment processing markups and fees are deducted by Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Samsung, and other sellers of Fortnite offers. Other direct costs of goods sold, such as gift card manufacturing costs, are also deducted.

When Epic processes payments directly, such as the Epic Games Store on Windows and Android devices, Fortnite net revenue is the funds received by Epic after third-party credit-card, PayPal, and similar payment processing fees are deducted by payment service providers.

Once the month’s net revenue has been determined, 40% is sent to eligible island publishers, and the remaining 60% funds Fortnite ecosystem development by Epic.

Fortnite ecosystem costs include the creation of Fortnite’s codebase via software authorship, maintenance, service development and content design; all Fortnite brand game art, Item Shop cosmetic content, third-party IP licensing fees and merchandising; IT, hosting, and liveops server infrastructure/staffing; player acquisition, marketing, community management, and distribution; customer support and content moderation; Support-A-Creator affiliate payments.

If you'd like to submit additional feedback or propose features you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to do so via the creator feedback forum.
Engagement payouts are allocated on a daily basis, based on UTC time. If ownership of an island is transferred, the payout for the day of transfer will be allocated to the owner of the island with the most active audience minutes (i.e. minutes across all the players playing their island) on the day of transfer.